A Creed For Marriage

The Edgar Cayce archive at A.R.E. headquarters in Virginia Beach contains a wealth of published and unpublished correspondence and documents on the "Sleeping Prophet." I compare it to a Library of Congress for the metaphysical world. Among the documents that Nancy and I found in the archive is a document titled Creed For Marriage. As there is no author listed, we can't say whether or not this came through Cayce when he was in trance, or simply something that was dear to him. I find it quite inspiring and endeavor to read it over every few months to remind me what having a partner is all about. I'm sharing it here as others may feel the same.

                                                      Creed For Marriage

I believe that the ability to love is a gift
and a privilege, and that it deserves cultivation
in every way.

I Believe that I love you, and because I love
you, I am responsible for you, the specific
human being who happens to Love me, and
who best understands and answers my needs.
I believe that with the help of God, I may
understand and answer yours, and may surround
your days with serenity.

I Believe that He will help me to act positively
in my relations with you and all other humans,
so that my love will heal and help, not hurt or
destroy; and that because of Him, all obstacles
can be overcome, and all rough paths made

I Pray that He will help me to remove all traces
of selfishness and conceit, and those fears which
prevent right motivation, right action, and harmony in my life.  I pray that, as I become ready, He will replace them with the Light of wisdom.

May our home always be in each others’ hearts,
and not just a place of sticks and stones. May its
hearth, in peace and freedom, always support a
welcome fire; where may be fostered the repeated
red-dedication of our belief in the necessity to
preserve and extend the good in all human lives
which become tangent to our own.

Sidney and Nancy Kirkpatrick in Los Angeles

Nancy and I have been on the road all winter giving lectures on our favorite topic, Edgar Cayce, and meeting with film producers in LA interested in adapting our book, Edgar Cayce, An American Prophet, into a feature film and television series. Given the amount of interest we've seen, it's clear that the time has finally come for a dramatic presentation of the Cayce story. We're very excited! 

While in LA, we also met with the team who have adapted the Turning The Tide Richard Novak story into a feature. Shooting, we're told, will begin this fall, in Puerto Rico. You can see a preview of what's to come about Carlos Lehder, featuring an interview with yours truly, on the TV show Gangsters: America's Most Evil, premiering next month:  http://www.biography.com/tv/gangsters-americas-most-evil/videos/the-colombian-rambo-carlos-lehder-preview-23027267701