The Book Has Arrived on my Doorstep

The first copies of Hitler’s Holy Relics have arrived on my doorstep. I’m excited—the book looks great. A day to celebrate. I’m especially looking forward to the reaction from my eighteen-year-old son Alexander when he discovers that I’ve dedicated the book to him. Like his older brother Nicholas, he has grown up in a literary family and tends to take the writing and publishing business for granted. That’s all they’ve ever seen me doing—toiling away behind a keyboard, and their aunt, author Katherine Kirkpatrick, included them in her dedication in her first book, Redcoats and Petticoats, published in 1999. Hitler’s Holy Relics, however, has engaged them personally. Alexander took time out from his junior year in high school to accompany my wife and me to Germany and Austria to do the research. Alexander was a loyal and helpful foot-soldier—exploring Nuremberg’s underground bunkers, joining us on interviews with Wehrmacht veterans, digging through archives, and spending a sleepless night in Heinrich Himmler’s castle in Wewelsburg. I’m proud to dedicate this book to Alexander, soon to be a freshman at Bard. And I’m equally proud that the author photo on the dust jacket was shot by his brother Nicholas, a college senior at Corcoran, who is interning at the Washington Post.

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