The Question I'm Asked the Most

Many of my readers have pointed out the fact that I’ve written books on a wide variety of topics which range from biographies of American psychic Edgar Cayce and artist Thomas Eakins to a true crime thriller about Peruvian archaeology, and now a book about Nazi mysticism and plunder. The truth is, I can’t resist a good story. That’s what all my books have in common. They’re about ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. In A Cast of Killers, we follow the footsteps of an aging film director, King Vidor, scrambling to stay in the movie business, who is compelled by unusual circumstances to solve a forty-five-year-old Hollywood murder. Turning the Tide is about a disillusioned marine biologist on a small Caribbean island who finds himself swimming with the kinds of sharks who pilot fast planes between Medellin and Miami; Lords of Sipan is about an archaeologist searching for evidence of what his colleagues believe to be a fantasy; Edgar Cayce and Thomas Eakins, though they possessed very remarkable talents, were basically two extraordinarily ordinary men who found themselves at odds with the world around them. The back-drop for Hitler’s Holy Relics is Nazi mysticism and plunder, but the compelling story belongs to Walter Horn, a medieval art historian who fled Nazi Germany only to find himself in Patton’s U.S. Third Army marching back to the Fatherland. Like King Vidor in A Cast of Killers, the past comes back to haunt him in a very unique and highly dramatic way.

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